Janitorial Services
Gardening Services
Material Handling
Office Services
House Keeping

Following are the Other type

  • Housing operations
  • Residential furniture warehouse operation/moving services
  • Furniture operation and repair services
  • Mail center operation services
  • Janitorial/houseboy services
  • Personal carpet shampooing services
  • Library operation services
  • Exercise rooms/gymnasium operation and fitness training services
  • Sports development, coordination and training services.
  • Swimming pool services.
  • Indoor/outdoor recreation facilities operation and maintenance services.
  • Golf course and driving range maintenance services.
  • Recreation equipment supply and maintain services.
  • Movie theater operation services.
  • Services to self-directed groups.
  • Building custodial/janitorial services
  • Office furniture operations and moving services
  • Office mail operations and courier services
  • Materials receiving, checking & delivery services
  • Facility inspection services
  • Parking space management services
  • Conference room management services